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We practice Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage and we are dedicated to promoting your health and wellness the natural way.

The ancient wisdom of Eastern health integrated with the Western type of massages. Like Western massage, it reduces your tension and relaxes your tight muscles. In addition, it works on the vital energy in your body.

This is a traditional health and wellness practice and has been used effectively for thousands of years without harmful side effects. It breaks down energy blockages and promotes free flow of energy (Qi) throughout your body. It stimulates acupressure points and the acu-reflex zones of your organ systems to cultivate harmonious balance in you.

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Chatham NJ

Hickory Shopping Center

641 Shunpike Road
Chatham NJ 07928

(Same center with Chatham Shoprite,
On the Promenade, Next to Dunkin Donuts)

Open 7 days

Mon ~ Sat: 10:00am ~ 8:30pm

Sun: 10:00am ~ 6:30pm

Summit NJ

442 Springfield Ave 

Summit NJ 07901

(next to Universal Lacrosse,

neighbor with Color Me Mine)

Open 7 days

Mon ~ Sat: 10:00am ~ 9:30pm

Sun: 10:00am ~ 7:30pm

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Under the umbrella of TCM modalities, Tui Na (pronounced twee nah, also called Acupressure) is the Chinese name for the type of massage that incorporates TCM acupressure and various unique manual techniques to stimulate acupressure points along the meridians.

Meridians are the invisible pathways through which energy, or Qi (chi), moves. They carry the natural healing energy and connect everything between the visible and the invisible throughout the entire body. There are total of twelve major meridians, named according to the organs they pass through, but it does not mean that they only correspond to these organs and their functions. The meridian systems interact with each together and are interrelated with the circulation of Qi. When Qi is sufficient, and flowing freely through your meridians, your internal systems function together in harmony and you remain healthy. However, the meridian systems can become clogged or even blocked due to many causes, physical trauma, weakness or even emotional stress. It is important to maintain the integrity of the meridians in order to prevent blockage.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views health as the body being in a balanced state, while sickness is the body being in an imbalanced state. TCM approaches and treats the body as a whole, not just looking at an individual illness in isolation. It fosters balance and harmony in the body and operates under the concept of self-healing with an emphasis on preventive treatment.

According to TCM, blocked Qi and imbalances in the body are the beginning of illness. At this early stage, problems/diseases are not yet detectable with Western medical approaches. It occurs long before physical symptoms become visible. Disease begins at your vital energy.

There are probably signals showing, but you may not know how to read them, or you might simply ignore it. By the time it is physically medically detected, the problem is usually well advanced and may require intrusive treatment.

The best approach is preventive treatment. Take care of Qi, the energy flow, before it progresses to a physical health issue. Regular maintenance is essential in keeping the free flow of Qi and the body in harmonious balance. So, don’t wait until you are sick! Think of TCM Massage as a wise investment in your health.

TCM massage can be more “intense” than Western massage. It is working on a deeper level to be able to affect change in the body. While in the short term, you may expect some soreness and discomfort in areas where Qi is blocked or imbalanced, know that in the coming days and weeks (especially with regular sessions) chronic issues are resolved and often eliminated.


TCM massage is not to replace medical diagnosis or treatment. It is a complementary practice for maintenance and as a preventive measure.

Foot Reflexology is another ancient art focusing on the natural healing power from within. It works with the body’s vital energy through the stimulation of reflex zones on the feet. The reflex zones are systematically located on the feet assimilated with the human anatomy. On which, stimulation is reflexed to the corresponding parts of the body.

It releases congestion, reduces stress in the system and balances the body’s energy.

When you are busy around with limited time, a foot massage can quickly soothes your tired feet, refreshes your body. It is a retreat from the stress and you will benefit an improved health and vitality.

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