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I slept for so long after massage, why?                                                                                                                                                Oct, 2015     


It is normal to feel sleepy or sleep more after massage especially if you are  tired and stressed.

When you’ve been over-driving yourself with studies and work, you are mentally intense while physically you are very tired.The blood circulation is not in balance in the head and in the body.

Massage help blood circulation, relieve fatigue and reduce stress.

After massage, your blood circulation in your muscle increase and when you are relax, blood circulation in your head return to normal.

Your body rejuvenate and the blood circulation adjust through your sleep. The resting state is beneficial to your health.               

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Massage Benefits in Winter                                                                                                          Feb, 2016

During winter, our body often suffers more from the stagnant in blood circulation as a result of the cold weather. Many people may feel muscle pain and feel as if their hands and feet are always cold. A hot foot bath before a massage will warm up the entire body immediately.


Our professional massages focus on the reflex zones of the feet to promote blood circulation.


A reflexology massage at the center of the sole is especially beneficial, as it connects to the important reflex zones of the kidney and adrenal. It will simulate energy through the body and enhance the immune system, preventing common winter illness such as the cold.

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