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Tui Na (Acupressure)

The Traditional Chinese Massage Therapy (Push and Grasp)

A practice based on the theories of Chinese medicine. It’s taught as a separate but equal field of studies in schools of Traditional Chinese Medicine, requiring the same level of training as acupuncturists and herbalists with an emphasis on restoring and balancing energy (Qi).

To a Westerner, Tui Na is the form of Asian bodywork most closely resembling conventional western massage. Many of the techniques are similar — gliding (known as effleurage or Tui), kneading (petrissage or Nie), percussion (tapotement or Da), friction, pulling, rotation, rocking, vibration, and shaking.

Tui Na uses rhythmic compression along energy channels of the body, as well as a variety of techniques that manipulate and lubricate the joints. It applys acupressure along the meridians in the body and targets acupuncture points. It affects the flow of energy (Qi) by holding and pressing the body at the acupressure points.

In addition to working on the muscles and joints. It works with the energy (Qi) of the body at a deeper level.

As with other styles of Asian bodywork, Tui Na is designed to prevent problems. By keeping the body’s energy in balance, health is maintained. This is not just for physical health, but for mental and emotional well-being as well.

One advantage of Tui Na is the general absence of side effects. The balancing energy taps into the body’s innate wisdom, enhancing our ability to heal ourselves.

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Massage Benefits

Reduces Stress, Improves Immune System

Studies consistently find that massage reduces stress and stress hormone levels.Since high stress hormones will destroy the healthy immune cells that fight viruses and tumors, massage  not only reduce the stress and the stress hormone level, it allows the immunes system to bounce back and do its job to heal the body naturally and keep it healthy.

Being happier and more confident

Clients receive massage regularly are observed to be more relaxed and calm. They are happier, in a better mood and with increased self-confidence.

Maintain well functions of the brain and the nervous system

By improving circulation, respiration, digestion and elimination, massage improves overall well-beings. It facilitates healthy functions of the nervous system and the brain.

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